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A Revolution in Psoriasis

psoriasis treatment

Psoriasis is a skin disorder that can occur for a variety of reasons, regardless of age, or gender. This skin disorder has been sourced over the history of time and has been misunderstood. Over the years of research and technological advancement, the understanding has significantly changed. In this blog, we will go back in time on the blog, contrasting historical views of psoriasis with the state of knowledge and available treatments today.

Beginning Psoriasis

Psoriasis was misinterpreted and the subject of many myths and misconceptions in the past. The beliefs that society had about psoriasis were based on a lack of medical understanding and denoted as god’s punishment due to the sin they caused. The individuals who faced this were subjected to social stigma and discrimination.

The 19th and early 20th centuries witnessed significant changes in the field of medicine, which improved the knowledge of psoriasis as an immune-mediated condition. However, the available treatments were very few and sometimes ineffective. These treatments ranged from basic superficial therapies peeling the skin with a knife to direct sunlight exposure.

Present Psoriasis

The understanding of psoriasis has increased among people. Research has shown that the immune system of a person plays a major role in the development of extra skin cells which leads to psoriasis. It is now known that lifestyle choices, environmental triggers, genetic factors, smoking, consumption of alcohol, skin infections and stress all have a part in bringing up psoriasis.

A Revolution in Psoriasis - xemsis

Technological advancement

Due to technological advancements in the field of medicine, the biological processes behind psoriasis have been identified and explained by researchers, which includes genetic testing and immunological tests. With greater knowledge at hand, customized medicines are now possible, providing more accurate and successful psoriasis treatment choices.

Historical treatments including direct exposure of the skin or applying homemade medicines were not very effective while modern medicine is such a relief to psoriatic sufferers. The choices that are now available include biological products, oral medicines, phototherapy, and cosmetic therapies. By concentrating specifically on immune system components that lead to psoriasis symptoms, doctors provide a unique treatment method.

Psychosocial Aspects

People are now aware of the psychosocial impacts of psoriasis. Awareness has been spreading and judgements have been reduced significantly, people started to come out and open up about psoriasis. Due to the spreading of psoriasis awareness, mental health services, and support groups, there is a development in the community which has become more accepting and understanding.


Research regarding psoriasis treatment will hopefully include more specialized and focused treatments in the future. This changing environment not only improves the lives of psoriasis sufferers but also highlights the understanding in the search for a higher standard of living. 

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